Serving incarcerated youth in Arizona

How You Can Help:

Please prayerfully consider supporting the upcoming Boy's and Girl's Chayah
weekends.  How can you do that?
  1. Monetary donations.  It costs about $40 per youth for the weekend.  These youth don't have sponsors or other family members who have been through a 3-day retreat.  We rely solely on donations to provide the means for these youth to experience God's love. Please send donations to:

    Chayah Ministries of Arizona
    P. O. Box 87184
    Phoenix, AZ 85080-7184

  2. Agape (Palanca).  The Agape (Palanca) that these youth receive is typically a fraction of what a youth might receive on a Tirosh weekend.  As you know, the best form of Agape is personal letters/notes, and Agape from Tirosh youth would be especially meaningful to these incarcerated youth.  If you want to send some Agape, please see the guidelines below.  See the list under Palanca/Agape Collectors.

  3. Food Agape.  Teenagers love to eat and these kids are no exception. 

  4. Agape Feast and/or Candlelight.  After the Agape Feast, Candlelight is probably the next most touching parts of the weekend for these youth.  Again, the attendance at these services is often quite low.  All it takes to get into the prison is to email the community leader with your name, driver's license number and your date of birth.  Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections requires all of this information. 

  5. Pray for the weekend. Please go to the Chayah #56 Prayer Vigil Page and sign up.



  1. The verses for the Boy's and Girl's weekend are found on the home page.
  2. Use paper or cardstock (No laminated items).
  3. Greeting: Dear Sister or Brother in Christ. Salutation: Your Sister or Brother in Christ and your first name.
  4. Please be sure to print - many can't read cursive.
  5. Copied materials are fine, but it's better to print a short message and sign your name.
  6. Children's Sunday School paper creations are welcome and greatly appreciated, especially by the girls.
  7. We need some generic Spanish pieces to copy.
  8. Candy is fine, but nothing wrapped in foil.
  9. No gum, nuts in the shell, magnets, lapel pins, staples or paperclips use Scotch tape.
  10. Please provide 35 pieces the participants/pilgrims and 10 for the youth team. The adult team does not expect nor do they want to receive agape—the focus is sharing God's love with the youth